Nearer My God

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Dear God:

I’m sitting here Lord crying out for you to hear my heart and respond to me Lord. I don’t know what is wrong with me Lord, but your the only one that can help me. I’m suffering so much inside, there is so much pain inside of me Lord and I don’t know how to let go of it Lord. I don’t know how I developed so much sadness inside of my soul but Lord please help me, please help me Lord because I can not do this on my own strength.

I know that the only one that can help save myself is you Lord, and I am so scared to show you the darkness inside of me Lord but I need your salvation. I need your mercy, love, and grace Lord to make it through this moment in my life.

Show me the way Lord, or help me find it inside of myself Lord, because I cannot keep doing this Lord. I cannot keep being that silhouette of a person. I want to feel that peace of walking alongside you. My chest feels like it is going to explode with all the emotions running inside of me Lord. Please stay by my side Lord and show me the light. Show me the path I am supposed to walk on.

Do you see my tears Lord? I feel selfish crying before you but Lord your the only one that can see my tears and love me still. Your the only one that can see my sadness and not judge me for it. Your the only one that sees the depths of my heart and still acknowledges me for it. Lord please, please I beg of you to help me help myself Lord. I don’t want to be like this anymore.

I don’t want to be miserable in my own skin. I don’t want to keep crying over these same things. I want to be strong, I want to be wise, and I want to love myself for who I am and not who people think I am. Lord, please help me get past this pain. It hurts so much inside, it hurts so much inside that I feel like I cannot breathe, I feel like I am dying inside of my body. Everyday, I little part of me is crumbling from this world,

Lord, I am so tired. I am so unbearably tired of everything and everyone. I am so tired that all I want to is close my eyes and let sleep take over me. All I want to feel is peace but I am filled with sorrow. I don’t know what is the definite reason for my sorrow but I feel so disatisfied with everything. I feel like my soul is incomplete, and that something is missing in my life. Lord, your that something, your that something that I desperately need to be my shield.

Lord, hold me in the palm of your hands and shield me from the darkness that tries to take over me. Lord, please hold onto me forever and let me walk alongside you until we meet in heaven.

My heart is heavy, with unsaid sorrows. But you know them all, see them all, and feel what I feel. Give me strength Lord, for I am weak. You said to call on you at our most desperate times and you will answer us. I am calling your Lord with all my heart at my point of desperation.

I want to just give up and let it all go. Let go of my dreams, my goals, my thoughts. I just want it to stop. I want it all to stop, the fear, the sadness, the pain. I want it to stop Lord and I don’t know how to stop it by myself. Lord I am weary from this all and I need to you to hold me in your arms and heal me. I am so desperate for you Lord.

I think that I am holding on to all this baggage because I don’t know how to lay my burdens before you and just let you take over and heal me.

I am asking you know Lord to take me in your arms and heal me from the inside to the outside. From the top of my head, to the bottom of my soul heal all of me Lord. Cover me in your beauty and surround me with your spirit. Lord take me in your arms and give me your warmth. The warmth I desperately need is your warmth. Lord I am calling out to you because I can no longer rely on my own strength. I need you to be my shield, my guardian, my protector. Please Lord, I need you.

I am sorry that I keep trying to do everything on my own. I know that I cannot do anything without you Lord. I do not want to do anything without you Lord, and I am sorry for taking so long to fully come to you. My heart is laid before you Lord, take it and place it in your palms Lord.

Pray for me. love me. take me as your child and hold me. I am tired Lord, the kind of tired that will not leave me without your help Lord. Fill me up, and let me overflow with your love. Thank you Lord, for loving one such as me.

I lay myself bare before you Lord, and I ask you to take all of me, the good and the bad and the in between and heal me Lord. My heart needs you inside of it, mend me Lord and make me a reflection of you.

Lord, bring people into my life that will see my need, and will help me get to where I need to go. Lord, for all those people out there who are like me. Who are hurt, in pain and who need you to stand in the gap for them. Take them Lord and help them get through it as you will help me get through it.

Thank you Lord for loving me and I ask you Lord to forgive me for my sins and for staying by my side. Lord show me my path, and help me walk along it. Clear my mind of foolish thoughts, and give me the courage to seek what I need and want. Bring people into my life who will love me for me, and take me as I am.

Be A Light In The Dark


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